You read right, Herbie, the Volkswagen Beetle is looking for a new home. He is one of the original VeeDubs from the motion pictures Herbie goes to Monte Carlo and Herbie goes bananas. Only seven where used in the films.

This Herbie Volkswagen Beetle has been calling Sydney home. It’s a 1960 1200 model four speed manual. There are no other Herbie Beetles in Australia, so if you’re keen on a bit of movie memorabilia that will stand out, this could be the way to do it.

Since its heyday as a movie star, it has made cameo appearances at Disney World, particularly for the 40th anniversary of the movie, where the actor that played Paco, Joaquin Garay III, signed the glove box.

With the car comes official certification from Disney that it was actually in the movies and not just some beat up and restored Beetle found in a pond near Redfern.

What’s even cooler though is that the car is rigged up for special effects. You get effects such as the hood moving up and down, flashing head lights and indicators, head lights that look left and right, different horn beeps, weird wipers, and oil/water squirters next to the rear wheel. Things we think should be standard on most cars today.

Think you want the car? Well, go for it, but it will set you back around $150,000. For more info hit the link to the sales page below.

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