Telstra today announced they are expanding their super fast 4G network from covering 40% of the population, up to 66% with wider coverage in the key metro cities.

In announcing the expansion, EFTM took note of an important statistic which shows that men are the fastest to embrace 4G, accounting for 56% of Telstras 4G smartphone base. We do love speed, and we love new technology, so no breaking news there!

There are now 500,000 4G subscribers, with 160,000 of them being smartphone users, the rest using mobile broadband dongles.

With Optus only just announcing their 4G network for business customers, today’s announcement is a big boost to the reputation of the Telstra mobile network.

Most interesting perhaps will be next months expected Apple iPhone announcement – will the iPhone 5 be compatible with the Australian 4G network? We certainly hope so, and if it does it will be a huge blow to the other networks…