Even the hardest man, one who despises all things Apple, has to have some kind of respect for the level of order that Apple manages to attain in its stores around the world. Everything is meticulously kept with all the iMacs, MacBook Pros and Airs, Mac Pros, iDevices and accessories looking amazing. One man had a little too much respect…

Meet David Wu, who’s catch phrase on his blog is “aspiring to live an inspiring life”. If you happen to love Apple, it is quite possible that he has just achieved his goal by inspiring you… perhaps to do something crazy like this.

Wu wanted to refresh his home office. Like most, he chose a theme to run with – the only thing was that his theme wasn’t a colour, or a sports team, or the type of work he did, it was the Apple Store. Wu managed to create a miniature version right in his own home. And it’s scary realistic.

There’s the standard Apple tower with TV built in running Apple TV. The chrome shelves are virtually precisely the tone that Apple uses, there are rows and rows of iDevice boxes on the shelves, the same style wood used in the Apple store is used for the desk and book shelf and, of course, a whole stack of Apple products are switched on and in use.

“The Apple pillar structure complete with lit up Apple logo and built-in LCD screen is the room’s feature,” said Wu on his blog. “I run my Apple TV into this screen and often just let it run through the screensaver. Shelves are silver anodized and heat-treated for soft shine and finish and more importantly to match the Store cabinets. Every last detail was important to a crazy person like me.”

Crazy or not, Wu has certainly done a damn good job in creating a small store.

Via: David Wu