Would you Adam and Eve it, premium car manufacturer Volkswagen will have a new vehicle starting from just $13,990. That’s right, less than $14,000 – no tricks, no laughs and not a Chinese car with the famous VW badge stuck on it. This is the Up!

Touted for a while and already with billboards advertising the car in major metropolitan areas around Australia, Volkswagen has now gone public with the pricing. At $13,990 it will have small car manufacturers such as Kia, Holden, Ford, Honda and the rest looking quite nervous. This, after all, has never been the domain of a European car maker the likes of Volkswagen. So what will $13,990 get you aside from a tiny car with a VW badge on it?

Not much, but you seriously can’t expect much either. It’s a tiny city car, although you can get it in a four door version and you could possibly squeeze four people in it – but not five as there are only four seats. Mind you, with four people on board it will be hard going for the tiny one litre engine that throws out 55kW of power and will leisurely work its way up to 100kph in just under 14 seconds.

In terms of equipment, it’s also lacking a bit but does have the quality VW look. Rear windows don’t wind down, they pop out, the sat nav display costs extra and clips on to the dashboard and Blutooth is certainly not standard!

The Up! will go on sale next month in a five speed manual. No confirmation of auto yet but you have a fair few options you can add to the Up! if you want to…. UP the price. Sorry.

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