matrix blurayChances are, you already have a box set copy of The Matrix on DVD. But if you want to upgrade it to Blu-ray to enjoy the high definition resolution and amazing lossless sound, this is your chance.

Amazon UK has a bunch of Blu-ray box sets for under £12, which equates to about $22 when you convert to Aussie dollars and factor in shipping. Among the collections on offer are:

The Complete Matrix trilogy
Jurassic Park ultimate trilogy
Resident Evil collection
Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Film trilogy
The Sylvester Stallone collection
Ocean’s trilogy
Spiderman trilogy
The Coen Brothers collection
Predators trilogy
Schwarzenegger collection
28 Days Later / 28 Weeks Later
American Pie 1-3 box set
Jason Statham box set
Seagal collection

There’s also a few TV seasons on offer for a similar price, so definitely check it out if you want to upgrade your DVD collection to HD.

Price: From £10 ($15)
Web: Amazon UK