In an unfortunate mix up tonight at the ABC, the much anticipated iPad app update from the ABC is not allowing you to watch ABC News 24.

Instead, it’s streaming ABC 2 when you click on the live stream. Same applies at it’s probably just a switch that’s been flicked incorrectly somewhere at ABC MCR.

click to read more and to see screenshots..

My information is that this is NOT an issue with the widely discussed MEDIAHUB which broadcasts all ABC content now, a Joint Venture operation as opposed to the internal Master Control systems of the past.

Instead, Live streaming comes from ABC Brisbane – so, whatever the fault, I’m sure it will be fixed soon.

Here is the iPad app shot:

ABC News 24 Streaming via the iPad app. Currently showing ABC 2

ABC News 24 iPad app - the caption doesn't QUITE match the pictures 🙂

and the website live stream:

ABC News 24 live online stream - Showing ABC 2 at 9pm Saturday Night.

UPDATE (9.32pm) – and in a sign that it could have been an automated switch scheduling issue, at almost exactly 9.30pm, Service to the ABC News 24 stream online and on iPad has been restored!