Forget white goods, your next Fridge could well be a colourful appliance if you choose a Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator. Something that globally has been happening for a little while, now coming to Australia with our major retailers confident it will be the choice for large numbers of Aussies.

The concept is simple – you get to choose the configuration and the colour of your fridge and freezer combo. This might mean three “cabinets” – two fridge one freezer, or a more traditional four door setup – and forget that silver or black look, you can pick a colour too.

In Australia the choices will be across five glass front colours, and two metal colours

Samsung Australia’s Jeremy Senior explained to EFTM that Bespoke creates options for consumers “Bespoke is a bit whatever you want it to be. It’s about customising products to suit your lifestyle, whether that be size of your refrigerator or the colour of your home appliances.

And it’s all driven more than ever by the time we’ve spent at home lately “Over the last couple of years, Australians have spent more time at home than ever before, and they’re looking for products that will make their home, their sanctuary.”

And there’s some logic there for sure. People are spending tens of thousands of dollars on kitchen renovations, using style and colour more than ever in what used to be a bland and boring room. So why should the appliances not have the same level of style? Senior says “the fridge is such a big part of any kitchen and you don’t wanna hide it away, but then if it doesn’t suit the decor or the aesthetic of what you’re trying to create, it can sometimes look a bit out of place with bespoke. You can choose from different size cabinets to suit the needs of your family and your home and different colours, combinations, or standard colours to see what design you are looking to achieve. And so you’re still getting a high end Samsung fridge. It just happens to be colorful.”

But what is the likelihood people will opt for something so different? Well, Senior points to the success of the Lifestyle TV lineup from Samsung as a sign we’re likely going to be keen “we’ve seen Australians really adapt to some of our lifestyle products. So if you look at some of our TV lineup, our lifestyle TV, the Frame – Australians are flocking to those products. We think bespoke is gonna be just the same Australians, love to create their own personal design and what better product to do it than the bespoke refrigerator.

They do look amazing, but they are still great Samsung Fridges behind the door, so it’s a fascinating new option for Australian buyers.

No exact date on their availability, but having spoken to a few retailers from Australia while in Berlin, I doubt it will be too long at all. You can register your interest on the Samsung website – or start driving your local retailer mad with questions.

Trevor travelled to Berlin for IFA 2022 with some assistance from Samsung Australia