There is something nice about wearing a quality watch and having people ask you where you got it or what it is. With Fathers Day proving to be an annual headache for kids and wives everywhere a watch might just be the perfect gift for dad. So perhaps now is the time to start looking around and checking out what dad wants. There’s plenty on offer from the top of the range, to the latest tech – then there is the good old classic which Casio seem to do really well.

ERA-200DB-1AV_theme1The Edifice range from Casio are a cut above the super popular G-Shock range, they offer a great style as well as function. I got my hands on the ERA-200 (DB-1AVER model) which claims to have “twin sensor technology”.

It’s these little intricacies you need to look out for when buying a watch. Yep, they all tell the time, and most tell you the date also. The ERA-200DB has a few little tricks up its sleeve.

Firstly you’ll get an easy time adjustment in 48 cities around the world – simply press a couple of buttons, scroll through to find the city you are in and press again and witness the hands of the watch spin around to the right tim.

ERA-200DB-1AVNext up – those “twin sensors”. One is a compass, so press the compass button and your “seconds” needle becomes your north pointer. Plus a small graphical display will also store bearing readings for later use.

Finally, the second sensor is temperature. Pretty much does what it says on the box – press the button and you get the temperature on the small digital display.

Yep it’s got tachymeter measures on the inner bezel and 1/100th second chronograph so if it takes your fancy there is the ability to compute speed based on time travel and distance – but seriously, who does that?

The ERA-200 comes in three versions – the B-1AVER which has a synthetic resin band, and red accents on the watch face. The D-1AVER which has a solid stainless steel band and blue accents on the face, and finally as tested the ERA-200DB-1AVER which also has the stainless steel band with red accents on the face.

All the features are just great things to tell the person your gifting it to – or, if you’re like me, ways to justify it to your wife when you bring it home.

Overall its a solid watch, great look, the black colour dominates the face contrasting the stainless steel band and it is as always great value from Casio.

Web: Casio
Price: $499