Everything old is new again right?  Spot on – and the same applies to heating, perhaps with a very slight difference.  Fire is back as a trendy way to stay warm, but gone are those logs and kindling – long live ethanol!  Black and Stone have some stunning options for your winter warmth.

ezdf230wHave you noticed how many funky clubs and pubs are moving away from those gas upright heaters which seem to point heat down at customers, in favour of those flame filled heaters which sit around and beside you?  Seems the benefits of good old flames are not lost on us mere mortals yet.

Black and Stone is a brand known for its stylish design and function. This winter they have a wide range of naked flame based warmers for your home.

The “Vio Flame” range is fuelled by ethanol, making these a clean-burning environmentally friendly option for immediate heat.

Importantly, these heaters don’t require complex installation or gas outlet fitting.  You can even move them room to room or take them with you when you move house.

Fireplace style

Black & Stone

Black & Stone

In the traditional fireplace style you’re up for an investment of $1249 with a choice of black or white with stainless steel trim.  These are great looking units which if a full fireplace installation isn’t an option for you will prove to be the perfect solution. These can either be freestanding or wall mounted to suit your home and should effectively heat an area between 20 and 60 square meters

Decorative Table Top Fires

These are the most versatile option from Black & Stone – imagine having a fireplace on the table while you chat to your mates in the back yard… It’s a great way to take the edge of the winter chill this year.


With a round or square options you’ll find something the wife will agree to from Black & Stone.

There are three models to choose from:

  • White round table top – EZDF210W Priced $129 each
  • White square table top model EZDF230W Priced $179 each
  • Black square table top model EZDF230B Priced $179 each

Great options for winter heating, and if you’re wondering, you can order ethanol online so you’ll always stay stocked up!

Web: Black & Stone
Fuel: VioFuel