Beats Pill bluetooth wireless speaker review – great sound in a small package

Wireless is taking over as the single most popular way to get audio from your phone to a speaker – and judging by the number of wireless speakers we’re seeing in the market that is going to grow and grow fast.  This Christmas and Fathers Day there’s a lot of new speakers trying to get your music business cranking.

Beats Pill

Beats Pill

Beats by Dr Dre is one of the most popular audio brands in the world today.  Their funky headphones are popular with superstars and everyday people all over the place.  Beats latest entry into the wireless speaker market is aimed at those very same people.

The Pill is named because of how it looks – like a pill.  A capsule to be precise.  It’s small but packs a pretty good sound when you crank it up.

Beats Pill

Beats Pill

Connection is easy, and you have simple volume control buttons on the front and top, while on the back you’ve got 3.5mm input and output for a wired connection if Bluetooth isn’t your thing.

Once powered on the red Beats “b” lights up to confirm it’s up and running.

I’ve been entertaining the kids at bath-time with songs and a sing-a-long, the Beats Pill has sat in a nice dry area of the bathroom for a few weeks now and given us hours of great sound.  The quality of the sound is what you’d expect from something this size, with a nice surprise when you crank it right up.

Beats Pill

Beats Pill

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 10.06.10 PMTaken outside for a small family gathering, the Beats Pill while small on the table was able to provide a great background sound to the party.

Strangely I did notice a few times I had bluetooth drop-outs even while sitting almost next to the Beats Pill, and also found a few tracks would skip at the start.  I was paired with an iPhone 5 (on Beta iOS7) so put it down to my Beta install and doubt that would be common for all users.

Beats Pill Bluetooth Wireless speaker
Date Published: 08/15/2013
Great sound from a compact but great design.
4 / 5 stars
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1 Comment

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