Summer means relaxing with mates, and more often than not it means a steak on the BBQ, but if you’re anything like me the cooking process is hit and miss sometimes it’s well done, other times rare. Meat and Livestock Australia have released an app called SteakMate which should take the guess-work out of things.

Timer-QueueThe app will give you notifications on when it take the steak out of the fridge, how to pre-heat it, when to turn it, when to take it off the BBQ and how long it should rest for.

In a stroke of genius you’ve also go a queuing function, so if there are three steaks all needing to hit the plate at the same time but your mates want them cooked differently the SteakMate will help you cook them all in the right time.

If you find the perfect cut of steak you can save that so it’s ready to go next time round, and of course there are links to the company’s website for more cooking hints and recipe’s.

Select-CutFor me, anything to make the BBQ process more precise is a good thing, so next time you fire up the BBQ flick open SteakMate and cook the perfect steak.

Download for iOS in the App Store, or for Android in Google Play

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