Trend analysis company ‘Telsyte’ have today put forward some research into the sales of tablets in the back half of 2018, stating that tablet sales over the last 6 months of the year had fallen 2.1% from the same period in 2017.

The suggestion they’ve made here is that this is due to the “continued decline in the Android market and a slowing in growth of the maturing 2-in-1 segment“. And supporting that claim, is the market share statistics which demonstrate that Apple/iOS had a 49.6% share in H2 of 2018.

They’re reporting that Android tablet sales are down 21%, however Apple & Windows devices have seen a combined 7.2% increase.

Another reported reasoning for this potential decline in sales is that customers are holding these devices through for 3.1 years on average. Naturally as the technology advances and cheaper devices are able to cope with our needs, the need to buy the latest and greatest device subsides and the longer we can hold onto the tablet we already have.

One thing they steer clear of in the report however is the advancement of mobile phones and lower-end laptops. While we can mention that 2-in-1 devices such as the Dell Latitude 7400 and Alcatel PLUS 12 are now in use by approximately 3.5 million Aussies, you can’t ignore that large mobile phones and cheaper laptops are filling the space that tablets previously occupied.

For mine, the only reason to buy a tablet is if you want a kindle with Facebook… but each to their own. Stay tuned for more tech analysis and product reviews here at