Just weeks away from the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas I’m reminded that there are literally thousands of cases available for iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones among others, so imagine trying to sell these things, just how do you set your product apart from the rest?  Well Tech21 have a simple and innovative solution – slimline cases with built in protection for the device.

Tech 21 iPhone case

Tech 21 iPhone case

While I was in a Vodafone store recently I turned to see a huge range of Tech21 cases for various phones, so finding this product as a possible Christmas gift will be easy.  And it really is a cracking good idea for Christmas because one drop and that phone could be smashed, why not protect it with a simple case with in-built shock resistance.

Tech21 has a strange orange “goo” substance they call D3O, this goo feels strange to touch and manipulate, but if you wrap it around your finger and hit it with a hammer the force of the shock is passed around the goo not through to your finger.  I’ve seen this and it’s true.  The video below demonstrates that further.

But you’re not buying the goo, D3O is built into the corners or backing of the Tech21 cases available on the market today, so the protection for your phone is built into the spots that it’s needed.

There are a range of Tech21 cases available and for several phones, they range from wrap around “band” style cases which simply cover the edges, to a hard shell with the goo built-in and a whole lot in between.

By no means are they expensive either starting around the $30 mark and while there are other rugged cases on the market that offer an extreme protection, what you get with the Tech21 is a good middle ground between over-protection and the need to keep the phone thin and light.

Great technology, and a very easy to live with case.

[schema type=”review” rev_name=”Tech21 Phone cases” rev_body=”Using an amazing shock absorbing “goo” these Tech 21 cases are an easy way to put a decent level of protection on your valuable devices” author=”Trevor Long” pubdate=”2013-12-18″ user_review=”4″ min_review=”0″ max_review=”5″ ]