A Chewing Gum app that reads your Facebook feed out to you

It’s common these days for a big brand to launch an app as a part of a marketing campaign to raise awareness of their product or brand.  Mostly they are just a bit of fun and get uninstalled pretty quickly – this week I’ve been using one that was created by Chewing Gum brand “5” called Stealth, and frankly, I think there is something in this app!

Stealth by 5Gum

Stealth by 5Gum

Walking along the road reading your Facebook feed is a health and safety risk – looking down at your phone and not where you are going you’ll find yourself bumping into all sorts of things.

So imagine an app that once you log into your Facebook feed it simply reads out all the posts and comments in a steely robotic style voice. That’s what Stealth from 5Gum is.

Stealth by 5Gum

Stealth by 5Gum

Ok, so the voice could do with some work – but the concept is solid.  And it is truly eyes-free.  To hear the next post you shake your phone right, to go back a post you shake it left, to progress forward and back through comments you shake forward or back – it’s so simple.

Takes a little getting used to at first, but it’s a refreshing way to take in the social updates of the day.

Let’s hope they give us a twitter version soon, I’d love to “listen” to my twitter feed!

Download in the App : iTunes

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