Wireless keyboards aren’t new, neither are wireless mice – they’re less prevalent in the gaming industry as most gamers are after the FASTEST connection to their gaming console of choice as possible – but when a company such as Razer put out a product designed explicitly for Xbox One use, it’s hard to turn your nose up at it. They call it the Turret.

True to themselves, Razer have designed the Turret with sexy RGB LED’s, gorgeous mechanical switches and supposedly up to 40 hours of battery life on one charge. It connects with a single dongle and runs on the 2.4Ghz band – which is the same band your typical Wi-Fi router runs on.

The mouse in the Turret is modeled after the Razer Mamba, which is admittedly not their best, but it certainly fits the aesthetic they’re going for.

Any PC gamer will tell you the massive advantage they have over console gamers is that keyboard & mouse gaming gives you that much more precision than the traditional controller. So if you’re after a product to take your Xbox skills to the next level – keep an eye out for the Razer Turret coming early in 2019.

We don’t have exact Australian retail prices but you can expect them to be around the $250-$300 AUD mark.