It’s possible none of our BEST awards will be more controversial or discussed than this one. BEST Sports Car? You can list a few for yourself, and now your challenge is to pick one. There, you’ve got our problem.

The Toyota 86 is a bucket of raw driving pleasure. Sitting so low, the handling is supreme, the performance will bring a smile to your dial.

Then there is the Nissan GT-R – Best Sports Car – wow, it’s amazing – but it’s $200,000. While you won’t get the same speed, nor some of the in-built technology in the dash or the stunning launch control – but in the Ford Fiesta ST you will get freakish handling. The engine gives you power when you want it, and while not “quite” as fun as the 86 it’s a whole lot more practical.

Ford Fiesta ST gets the EFTM Distinction Stamp

Ford Fiesta ST got the EFTM Distinction Stamp

For that reason – bang for your buck – we’ve given our BEST Sports Car to the Ford Fiesta ST.


You’ve got to drive one to understand, it’s like a go-kart you can take the kids to school in.

It’s our choice for BEST Sports Car 2014.