Did you know one million Aussies travel to New Zealand every year? Now not all of them are Vodafone customers, but those who are are about to get a boost – a speed boost.

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 10.14.25 pmSince launching their Red Roaming plans last year, Vodafone has expanded their $5 a day roaming deal to 47 countries around the world.  Today,  Vodafone adds 4G speeds to those customers off to New Zealand for work or pleasure.

When you land, you’ll automatically roam to Vodafone New Zealand, and if you consider the data gathered by all those “speed tests” being done – you’re looking at the second fastest mobile network in the world – only just behind South Korea.

Life is good – if you’re going to NZ and you’re a Vodafone customer that is.