Ahh, the iPhone queues.  The most common discussion I get from people around Apple product launch time is “why do people queue up for that” and “it’s just a phone” – well, if that’s your attitude – fine, the queues aren’t for you.  For some, it’s the atmosphere, for others, it’s the money.

If you really just wanted to be one of the first in the world with an iPhone, you should have jumped onto the Apple website last week – millions of phones will be delivered to people’s doors tomorrow – it’s so easy.

But, for some, it’s about the experience.  The buzz around the block is enormous, people cheering, Apple staff running along giving high-fives, and when the doors open? You can hear the screaming blocks away.  There’s something fun about that buzz.

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are likely to attract bigger queues than ever – especially if the preorder numbers are anything to go by.

But what if you can’t queue.  Or what if you have got the time to queue but don’t want a phone.  There’s a way some canny peeps are getting cash from this bonanza.


Airtasker is a website that lets people post “odd jobs” – handyman fixes around the house, or “pickup my shopping for me” and anything in between.  You post a job, set a price, and “runners” bid for your job.

Turns out, a lot of people really want an iPhone 6, but can’t make it down there (or are super lazy).  There are over 200 jobs posted on Airtasker looking for people to queue for them.  That means that more than 100 people (you can’t buy more than 2 per person) might be queuing up tomorrow.

Some are smart and opting to queue and the non-city Apple locations, like this guy, who reckons he can earn a quick $70 by buying someone a phone.


Then there is this one, who may be biting off more than he can chew.


If you’re thinking about earning some quick cash, choose carefully, you want to know for sure that if you’re using your own cash – you’re going to get reimbursed.

If you really want an iPhone and want someone to queue for you, or buy it for you – log a job, you never know!

Stocks are clearly limited, so there will likely be some people disappointed by missing out tomorrow.