When you think smart-home you think lights, air conditioning, power and such things – but for some time the smart home has included your garden thanks to the Parrot Flower Power – here at EFTM we’re fans of what the Flower Power does, and never thought to question how it could do more. Until now.


FP-POT-Lifestyle_02At CES this week Parrot unveiled the new “pot” and “H2O” which are essentially the next generation of connected garden accessories.

The original Flower Power was able to monitor all kinds of things about your plant, and reference a huge database of plants to offer you advice on sunlight, water and fertilising needs for the plant.

So imagine the plant needs water, and that was taken care of by the smart device.


That’s the essence of the H2o.  Everything you love about the Flower Power except with the addition of a screw cap placement which allows you to literally twist on any standard drink bottle filled with water and offer weeks of watering just as the plant needs it.


With the water bottle inserted the H2O delivers just the water the plant needs, when it needs it.

Taking that concept one step further, the Parrot “Pot” does all the same stuff, but built into the pot for the plant itself.


With 2l of water storage included in the pot itself, there are the same sensors you’ve had with the Flower Power and now the H2O, just built into the pot itself – and as with the H2O if the plant needs water – it gets water!


No word on pricing or availability, but a great innovation for your smart home.