Sometimes it’s the simple ideas I love the best.  The doorbell has been pretty static for a while, and while there are intercom systems offering video and audio, they don’t give thought to the future of this pesky old chestnut.


Missed parcel delivery? But he didn’t knock!  Want video proof?  Easy.

So the “ring” video doorbell is the solution.


It’s a unit that sits entirely on the front of your house with no hardware required inside it.  Runs on batteries and has two secure screws to keep it safe from theft.

Connect it to your home WiFi and when people ring the doorbell the notification you get is on your phone.

On your phone you can then choose to view the person at the door via the camera in the ring video doorbell and via the internet even if you’re not home.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 7.47.47 pm

That’s it. Simple.

But the future is big. Anyone who has a half interest in the smart-home knows a device like this could be paired with the door itself, or other devices like lights or security cameras to offer more solutions.


That though is all in the future.

Today, its $199 USD, plus $20 international shipping.

Go for it.