In the fast paced world we live in, time is the biggest issue on our hands everyday. With a few apps on your smartphone your next date can be planned without a single call to a concierge.

So let’s play out the dating scenario and roll out the apps along the way…

Wait, you don’t have a date. Two options:

Tinder: (iOS and Android) This app is extremely popular and free, it allows a quick swipe through to pick your match and if they think the same then you’re connected, start on this on a Monday and you may land that date for Friday night.

Coffee Meets Bagel: (iOS and Android) This app is relatively new to Australia however is growing in popularity quickly. It follows a similar match model as Tinder however only presents people that match your desired criteria. The other difference is that it only presents you with one match per day. If you both agree then you’re connected to plan your date.

Congrats, now – where to eat?

Zomato (iOS and Android) is your best friend here. It is the reborn Urban Spoon that you may have used in the past however it has been overhauled in a big way.

zomatozomato 1

The curated lists will help you find a place that suits your needs quickly. Reviews are all over the place with images and ratings. You can search restaurants in a proximity to you and call for a booking right from the app. It is one of making sure that you don’t pick a dud restaurant on your first date. Oh and it isn’t just for dinners, if you need a place for breakfast the next day it’ll help you out there too.

You want to make the date a little special by having her driven to the restaurant? Order her an Uber (iOS and Android). Uber cops a bit of heat in the press however the service is great and fairly good value. You can request a Black Uber to pick up your date and take her exactly where you want to go and she wont need to put up with bad driver odour or even pay, it’s all done via the app. She’ll thank you in spades for the special treatment.


If things are going especially well and you want that next weekend away then we recommend you book some place unique via AirBnB(iOS and Android). This site is growing by the minute and is full of houses, apartments, shacks, tents, boats and more for you to spend the night in. The benefit of this over a hotel is that it is likely cheaper, brings a charm that a hotel can’t provide and will be somewhere you know she has never been to before. Great for a weekend getaway.


There really is an app for everything today and some are boring and a waste of your time but these apps listed above will help you save time and money. Not bad for something that is free to download right now.

Good luck out there!