Ok ok, well done on the fun name folks – WHIZZ is a new app which sets out to “transform Australia’s cleaning industry” and it’s a ripper idea.

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Anyone who leads a busy life, or is a little on the lazy side – has considered getting a cleaner into your house to clean things up. Normally this means asking friends and family if they know or can recommend someone, looking in the local paper or the Yellow Pages.

WHIZZ is about connecting individuals with cleaners and taking the hassle out of the work of finding a cleaners.

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The team at WHIZZ don’t just let anyone sign up to be a cleaner, in fact they reject more people than they accept, so there is a standard here which will appeal to many.

They reckon we’re after a 5-star hotel style clean, and I think that’s probably spot on.

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It’s all a flat-fee pricing model, so there are no surprises, though you should be careful to be very specific about what you want cleaned because you have to tick all the boxes and make sure you’ve asked for each item to be done.

Typical price guide for an indication of rates shows a 2 bed 1 bath clean costing $95, while a 1 bedder will be $85. Heaven knows what a proper family home will cost – though you’ll know before you book so it’s not like you’re going to get bill-shock.

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Whether a service like this can compete on price for those wanting a weekly or fortnightly clean I’m not sure, but if you’ve got a disaster zone after a big party, or a last-minute call from the relos coming to visit tomorrow, perhaps a WHIZZard (get it?) is just what you need to clean up your place?

Kicking off in Sydney, if all goes well they’ll expand across Australia no doubt. You can book online also at WHIZZ.com.au or download the app from the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.