When I first travelled the world (a long long time ago now), I remember buying a travel wallet, and also a wallet like item that hung around your neck under your shirt.  It was all about keeping your Passport and cash away from pesky pick-pockets.  Today, it’s a whole different story.

With tap-and-go cards in almost every Aussie wallet, what happens when you travel?  Is electronic pick-pocketing a real threat?

Sure there aren’t huge reports of this as yet, but in time the crims will work out how to make some money from whatever little info they can gather from you.

And that “scan” of your wallet might not just be banking info, perhaps even info from your passport’s electronic tags?

Enter the PacSafe Anti-Theft Travel Organiser.

rfidsafe_v200_16565606_navyblue_usage 1

With “award-winning RFIDsafe™” technology built into the material, your passport, credit cards and smart cards are safe.

It’s a stylish unit too, available in Blue or Black, perfect for keeping everything in one place, easy to carry when needed or throw in the hotel room safe when not needed.


In fact, it’s big enough to store 13 cards, your passport, ID, coins, a pen and all those immigration and customs forms, as well as a zippered slot for bank notes and a clip for keys.

RRP is $89.95 and you can track down retailers on their website