Science is amazing. Innovation is exciting. In Switzerland they invest billions of dollars into discoveries around particles and elements. In Australia we have something which didn’t cost the earth and wont cost you the earth to experience. The Zinger flavour, on potato chips.

Ok some people call them crisps, but in Australia it’s officially chips. Made by Smith’s these Kentucky Fried Chicken chips are flavoured with Zinger goodness. We’ve been sent a couple of bags, passed them around the office and the feedback has been positive. Everyone loves a Zinger burger however for a snack it may not be suitable. This bag of Zinger love is shareable and can be poured into a bowl for movie night. It has less fat than a Zinger burger too, a healthy alternative.


The seasoning is well distributed on the chips so you’re bound to discover the taste. The one thing lacking though is the actual chicken which does remove an element of the flavour normally in a Zinger. As a chip though it’s great.

Fritz Meyer, KFC Chief Food Innovation and Technology Officer said “Zinger Chips are an extension of a KFC menu favourite and we’re thrilled to bring another awesome innovation to our loyal customers”. We’re thrilled too.


The KFC Zinger Chips will be available September 8th from over 600 KFC restaurants and Coles stores.