LG reckon more and more Aussies are looking to a secondary vacuum to take care of quick clean ups around the house – so, we put one to the test – the LG CordZero Handstick vacuum.


This was a team effort, with three kids in our house its a never ending battle to keep the place looking half respectable.  So, this review will be a team effort too.  Here’s what Mrs Long had to say:

The great thing about stick vacuums is they are eay to just grab and do a quick once over on the floors. Which means it is more likely you will actually vacuum the floors. Let’s face it – who could be bothered to pull out their regular vacuum every day?

First up, I was pretty impressed. We tried it on both our hard floors and carpet and it worked on both extremely well. I wanted to test it on the sand which comes home in my sons pre-school shoes, which I usually find in a pile wherever he has taken off his shoes. It worked a treat and picked it up super fast.

Trev used it in his office and it did a great job for such a small unit. It was also after a clean up so it wasn’t an easy job. We didn’t test it over a long period of time but it boasts that the head is anti-tangle which would be a must for those with long-haired females or pets living in the house. De-tangling a vacuum head isn’t the way I want to spend my time.


LG says the battery lasts about an hour which will give you plenty of quick clean up time. Not intended to replace your regular vacuum it would certainly be able to take on the mess of a toddler meal time. The biggest downside is that it isn’t cheap, at $440 which is a fair bit for a second vacuum.

Overall a great unit and certainly worth considering if you decide you want to get yourself a stick vacuum.

the CordZero main vacuum unit comes out for use like a dust buster - handheld

the CordZero main vacuum unit comes out for use like a dust buster – handheld

I couldn’t agree more. Plus, it has headlights! Yep, a very blokey thing to notice right? And the battery is very similar to one in a power tool and you get a spare that stays on the charging base station so there’s always “more power” as Tim the Toolman Taylor would say.

Great product, if you’ve got $400+ available for a second vacuum!