Perhaps we’re at the point where being different is important when it comes to finding a Wireless speaker for your sound needs – with so many on the market it’s about finding something to stand out either by design, brand or features.  Enter the Ministry of Sound range and in particular this Audio M speaker.


You’ll find it for just under $300 at Harvey Norman ($297) and it’s a beast.  Solid weight to it which as strange as it seems does often indicate a solid build and sound potential.

It will remember the last seven paired devices, and you can pair your android device via NFC.


The battery will give you just four hours portable playback, but I feel like this one is destined to be plugged in the lounge or entertaining room.

If you’ve got the cash you can also pair two together wirelessly to create a stereo pair.


The unique feature of this guy is the tap and touch top control surface – similar to the Samsung R1 we recently reviewed.  Scroll your finger around in circles to increase and decrease the volume, tap to pause and play and swipe left and right for track forward and back.


While that’s awesome, it’s a bit laggy to use and track forward and back is a tough action to master.  In reality though you’re going to control volume and control from your smartphone.

Overall, a great speaker, very clear sound with a nice deep level of bass that’s not too harsh to make normal listening a pain.  Well worth consideration if it fits your price range.

Oh, and if you buy one before January 31 2016, you go into the draw to win a trip to London including a VIP experience at the Ministry of SoundClub.  $297 is a big price for a chance to win, but frankly, I like your odds!

Web: Harvey Norman