Today at CES in Las Vegas we met with Edyn. Edyn has made two products which can monitor and even automatically water your garden.

Yesterday we found a product which can water your garden based on a schedule you set. That is still great but this two products work together in a totally different way.

Edyn Sensor_Context 1First, the Garden Sensor. This sensor is solar powered and has built-in WiFi. It will monitor your garden moisture, nutrition, acidity and sunlight. This information is fed back to you on your smartphone and make recommendations around fertilizer, watering or perhaps providing more shade depending on the type of plant.


Adding the Water Valve into the equation enables the two products to work together. On it’s own the Water Valve also has solar power and WiFi connectivity. It can be used to control the watering of your garden from the app. Now, when they work together, the Garden Sensor will trigger the Water Valve for you as required. If it rained, it wont open the Water Valve. It will only water when you need and won’t require your intervention.

The Garden Sensor is available online today however the Water Valve will be around in Q2 of 2016. Retail availability of both products is expected to be by the end of 2016 in Australia.


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