As I was walking the halls of CES, it was this product that reminded me of our Dictator, Trevor Long and his need to protect his m&m stash from would be thieves here in the EFTM HQ. Halo is a storage and security device within a jar lid that fit around wide-mouth Mason Jars. The lid enables any Mason Jar to becomes a storage device with a high amount of security to prevent unauthorised access to medicines, valuables or your lolly stash.

The Halo cap is fitted with an accessory loop, which allows users to add a +tag, a Bluetooth connected device that lets users remotely lock and unlock, control access permissions, log content, check usage history, track device location and receive proximity alerts through the Halo+ app.

The Halo and Halo+ were announced in a black on black version at CES with the option later on for multiple colours, branding and finishes.

The Halo lineup will start a crowdfunded campaign in the coming months.

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