Australian, a beer and wine nation, is now going to be home to its very own spirit. Vantage Australia was founded by Bill Harigitay, the former owner of Redheads matches. Vantage is designed to be drank alone or the key ingredient to your popular cocktails from martini’s to mojitos.


The bottle options are 1L or 750ml however the iconic Australian design is only on the 1L bottle and it is also only available in the duty free sections. The contents though, are the same in flavour. The idea behind the duty free bottle was to provide an alternative to souvenir options normally found in the airport. If you’re looking to give an Australia based souvenir then a bottle of alcohol with our landmarks on it seems a better option than a toy koala.


Some tasting notes from Vantage Australia:


Clear, flawless, radiating brilliance with a pleasing viscosity.


A multi-layered complexity, smooth yet with a gentle peppery and aromatic back of throat burn, complimented with zesty citrus notes.


The symmetry of the delicate citrusy aroma, and the mountain pepper are reminiscent of the scent of a hazy bush Australian day.


Balanced, warm, pleasant mouth feel with a memorable after taste.


The $56 750ml bottle is available at Dan Murphy’s now