We’ve had some interesting short-term burgers and snacks from KFC over the years, but when the C in KFC stands for Chicken it’s interesting to see their latest creation to his our shores – the Kentucky Pulled Pork Burger!

KFC Australia say this revisits the company’s “Southern roots” with the Pulled Pork Burger available in all KFC restaurants for four weeks only from 14 June to 11 July.

It’s pulled pork on coleslaw topped with BBQ sauce on a Brioche bun.

The pork is where KFC is hiding the “delicious blend of southern spices” which is good, because I’ll have one without the coleslaw thanks!


KFC Chief Food Innovation Officer (yep, that’s his title!), Fritz Meyer said, “We are so proud of our heritage and flavours that has made the brand so famous. The Kentucky Pulled Pork Burger is a demonstration of KFC’s commitment to giving new, exciting, and unexpected tastes to customers. The Kentucky Pulled Pork Burger is designed to surprise, whilst offering a completely new taste experience.”  

“The Kentucky Pulled Pork Burger is something completely different to what most people will expect from KFC. The Kentucky Pulled Pork Burger is a limited edition must-try for our customers; you can really taste the southern flavours of Kentucky being brought to life with this burger.”

If you’ve tried one – let us know how they taste!