The days of simple pizza, chicken wings and cheeseburgers will be remembered fondly like Cassette Tapes and VHS Video with the trend in fast food seemingly all about crazy innovation.  KFC’s latest idea follows Pizza Hut’s Meat Pie & Pizza Combo – this time it’s a Zinger taco!

Combine a Zinger Fillet, lettuce and tomato salsa into a hard taco shell, and then wrap that into a soft shell to prevent the taco mess you might imagine and you’ve got the “Double Shell Zinger Tacos”.

KFC Double Shell Zinger Tacos


Perhaps the biggest news out of this is that KFC has a “Chief Food Innovation and Technology Officer”.  His name is Fritz Meyer and he’s apparently “thrilled to bring this exciting new menu item to more than 600 KFC restaurants nationwide.”

“We’ve taken a classic taco and given it a KFC twist for Zinger–loving Aussies. We’ve combined hard and soft shell tacos to create a product that we know our customers are going to love,” said Mr Meyer.

“Aussies love tacos, so we’re really excited to add the Double Shell Zinger Tacos to the Zinger menu and give them a new lunch option to enjoy. It was a natural extension to use the spicy Zinger flavours to create the first KFC taco, nicely fitting on the menu as an innovative item similar to the Zinger pie we launched last year.”

So, there you have it:)

KFC Double Shell Zinger Taco Logo

The Double Shell Zinger Tacoswill set you back $6.95 for two tacos and are available only from 16 June-13 July.