Since the dawn of smartphones, apps have been coming in different shapes, sizes and uses. From the beer app that allows you to pretend to be drinking a beer from your phone all the way to the Tinder app that helps you swipe your next date, our phones have been becoming more useful and part of our lives. Below are some apps that we’ve found to help you make money or easier ways to get things done where you’ll spend money.


Rent your assets

If you own a home with a spare … anything, there is a way to make money from it. If you have a spare bedroom, renting it on AirBnb is a quick way to make money from travellers. If you just have some spare space like an extra room, attic or garage that could be used for storage then Spacer will help you rent it out to make a second income to locals who need space. If you’re catching the train to work and only using the car on weekend, why not rent it out during the week? Or vice versa? Maybe you own two cars and only need one on weekends. Car Next Door allows you to easily rent your car and make money from it instead of leaving it in the garage just sitting there.


Rent Yourself out or Hire Someone

Looking to make a quick buck on the side? Tired of watching MasterChef and want to make better use of your time? Or need something done? These two apps will help, and you can sit as the hirer or the one to be hired. From odd jobs such as market research, testing website usability or copy writing for media outlets and content marketing agencies multi skilled Aussies are picking up side gigs using Upwork. Now there is Airtasker where you can post any task you need completing (e.g. “clean my living room and kitchen”), name your price and wait for someone to accept your offer. You can get someone to ‘rake the garden’, ‘assemble your furniture,’ ‘walk your dog’ or any other task. You can choose to earn or spend money in this area.


Wine and Dine Yourself

Big day at work, you’re heading home, you just want to sit on the couch and not think about cooking or stopping anywhere to even buy food. Deliveroo is a great way to have restaurant quality food delivered to your door. Your local restaurants are partnering with companies like Deliveroo to help you order your favourite pasta and have it sent to your door. It isn’t just pizza that can be delivered now, it’s all the food on all the menus in your town.

Food is in order, beverage time. Vinomofo offer curated selections of wine to be delivered to your door, you can specify your tastes and provide feedback on what you’ve tasted to ensure that every delivery will please your tastebuds. If you haven’t planned ahead for a Vinomofo delivery, Jimmy Brings is a great service that can deliver liquor to your door within 30 minutes.

Now, throw some Netflix on and enjoy your night.