Last year we drove the Lamborghini Huracán and Aventador – two of the most desirable sports cars on the road, so recently when the chance to take a slightly different Huracán  for a drive came up, we jumped at it.  Boy is it something fun.


Sure you can pick one of these LP 580-2’s up for $378,900, but in this case it’s been optioned up with Orange (Arancio Borealis) pain, Carbon forged engine bay with transparent engine cover, a style package, lifting system, cruise control, sat nav, heated and electric seats, front and rear sensors and a rear view camera plus a bunch of stitching and branding options too – all up, another $55,930.  Total price of $434,830.  But at that price, who’s haggling over the options?


The real difference this year – two-wheel drive.  Yep, 580CV (426kW) of V10 power pushed to the two back wheels.

Why?  Fun.

People with money to spend on a supurb machine like this want to take it to track days and have fun.  The all-wheel-drive Huracán is fun, but in a brutally exhilarating way.  The LP580-2 gives you that, with a touch of oversteer and tail-out fun.

On the road, it’s the same mechanical sound I remember from the Huracán and Aventador last year.  Every rattle, clank and movement of the engine is heard by the driver – it is right behind you after all.


Off the top of my head in the above video I described it as sounding like Jimmy Barnes singing Working Class Man – a great sound, yet raw and somewhat grainy.  From 4,000 rpm up, it switches to Pavarotti hitting the ultimate note.  It’s beautiful both ways.

Around town, you’ll hear more Jimmy Barnes than Pavarotti.  But with the lifting front, no driveway or bumps are a hassle (as long as you remember).


Of course the power is there if you need it, but you never will – you’ll rarely get past 4,000 rpm.

So if you own a Huracán or are considering one, remember, the open road is a joy, and a track day is your friend.


The only downside – getting in and out of General Lee seems easier than this guy – so low, so awkward, but – I’d get used to it.

Now, I wonder what it’s like with no roof?  Anyone got a Huracán Spyder perhaps?  That’s next:)  Stay tuned.