With summer around the corner generally we plug in our beer fridges again, clean the BBQ and wipe the dust off our outdoor furniture. A weekend in the summer in Australia is completely different to the winter, it changes our lifestyle entirely. There is ONE component here up for a challenge. The beer. There is nothing wrong with it but we challenge you to pour a glass of rosé this season.


Rosé is a wine that by many will be seen as fantastic for the wife but lads, this is going to be a guilty pleasure, whether you tell your mates or not. Most rosé is sweet however dry and crisp, fantastic to enjoy while you turn the sausages or flip the burgers. It’s also really inexpensive and is a bottle that both the ladies and men will be keen on.


We’ve been testing a couple of the 2016 releases from Jacob’s Creek to verify our claims and this rosé is for the brosé (pronounced “bro-zay”… you can use that). The one we enjoyed most is the Le Petite Rosé. It tastes great after an hour or two in the fridge and can be consumed over the course of a week, no need to rush through it like other wine styles. There is no fuss around a rosé either, no need to decant, no need for a corkscrew, just twist and pour. Give it a go this summer and let us know if we were wrong.