When Bose do things they do them right.  As a private US company there’s not shareholders bashing down their doors every quarter for answers, there’s no scrutiny on sales targets and delivery – there’s just a focus on great sound, great products and today we saw two great new products we can’t wait to hear some more.


For the Home Theater Sound:

The Bose Lifestyle 650 luxury home entertainment system is stunning.  A whole new design for the speakers both inside and out delivers something the wife won’t mind being scattered around the lounge room, and at the same time will make you think you’re in the Gold Class seats at the movies.


Your four corner speakers are a new “OmniJewel” satellite’s that feature a rounded square-shaped cylinder design with small holes on all four sides. Inside are two drivers pointing toward each other which are separated by a device to spread the sound all around in true 360 degree format.

Rear speakers are wireless, while the front are hard-wired back to the Lifestyle 650 base.

The subwoofer is powerful and clear, with new technology inside to create the best quality sound, and the same rounded square-like design queues in a 30x30x38cm box.


Front and centre is a speaker with five drivers and when it’s all paired up and running true 5.1 quality sound the result is simply sensational.  Granted I witnessed a bunch of demo sounds on movie clips and songs which are made to exemplify the sound profile, but nevertheless it was stunning – truly impressive sound.


At $6,999 it’s not for everyone.  If you can stretch to $5,499 then there’s the Lifestyle 600 system which is similar, just featuring slightly larger satellite and a single middle speaker.

Something a little more affordable:

If that dropped you off your chair, but you really want some Bose sound in your life and are sick of the thin tinny sound from your TV, try this on for size.

The Bose Soundtouch 300 soundbar is $999.  Featuring all the soundtouch smarts Bose has put into it’s connected wireless home entertainment systems of late, this guy Bose reckon is on par or better than any other product of it’s size.  Big call.


And it is impressive.  Technical, but it features these smart thin directional speakers on each end to push the sound to sides of the room to give a surround-like effect and it’s more than noticeable.

If you love a subwoofer, for $999 more you can add the sub from the Lifestyle 650 System and for $459 you can even add some satellite speakers for true surround sound.

A much more affordable, yet scalable system


Available now – these are well worth a listen.