Activity trackers are nothing new, in fact, activity trackers for kids aren’t anything new either – but a tracker that allows parents to set chores and tasks for kids?  That’s going to go gangbusters.

Garmin have all the knowledge and experience to create a fitness tracker for any purpose, so by channeling that energy into a device designed just for kids they’re onto a winner.


When we reviewed the Milo kids activity bands we were blown away by the interest, so rest assured these are going to be popular.

The Vivofit Junior has a one year battery life, and is designed for all day use, tracking steps, sleep and 60 minutes of “daily recommended activity”.

Parents can add all their kids to a single app, and the kids get some gamification through incentives to complete assigned tasks or hit goals.



Agree on a reward with the kids and set a target in the app!

Within the parental app, chores can be assigned, so set them alerts to do the dishes, or clean their rooms – all within the app.  Chores can be daily or weekly, and can be time based too so set a two minute task to brush teeth and track it every day.


There’s so much more to it, and we can’t wait to try them out – You’ll find them from next week in Rebel Sport and A Mart stores, in black, and limited supply of the bright yellow cammo version – all colours will be available on the Rebel Sport website.  The price?  $129