Our homes continued to change and evolve in 2016. Our lights got smarter, our fridge got smarter and even our coffee machine got smarter. Our music experiences in the home have also evolved and what was once something for the early adopters has taken the mainstream. Wireless speakers, network connected speakers and internet connected audio products have become a standard option to anyone wanting to update their home audio experience.

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The pioneers in this area, Sonos, have had a huge year in this field. The new Sonos Play: 5 is a beautiful, elegant and powerful speaker. With touch controls and more power than Trump as President it will certainly wake the neighbours. Sonos is well known for their quality sounding products and from the Play: 1 to the Play: Bar they’re all very capable music players, a product that delivers an experience around music. In 2016 Sonos also delivered TruePlay, sound tuning software that will enable your speakers to perform better in the space they’re in. Updates like this keep your system current and performing better. By the end of 2016 we are likely to see Spotify Connect enabled for Sonos systems too (currently in Beta). This enables you to use the Spotify app to enjoy your music through Sonos rather than using the Sonos app. One should also not forget that Sonos was the first music system to enable Apple Music listening too. A truly all in one music service package.


In 2016 we also tested the Sonos Connect. This little box will take your retro listening experiences from vinyl and put it into the digital age. Enjoying the sweet sounds of Miles Davis on vinyl played through your house of Sonos speakers is an amazing mix of old and new, it’s an experience, a moment where it is entirely ok to just sit, close your eyes and listen.


It is with all of the above reasons that Sonos has walked it in with the award for Best Wireless Sound in 2016. Their drive for innovation, simplicity and new features is beyond impressive and we congratulate them for a great 2016.