EFTM Best Home Theatre: Samsung K950 Dolby Atmos Soundbar

At $1,999 you’d be excused for thinking it’s an expensive soundbar – the problem is this isn’t just a soundbar.  The Samsung K950 Soundbar is a complete home theatre system which in many ways fights with systems far more expensive.

The category we’ve thrown the Samsung K950 into is “Home Theatre” – the reason being it provides wireless rear speakers and subwoofer, plus the range of speakers in the front soundbar.


Sure – for a purpose-built home-theatre you’d want to install a Bose system or similar, but for the 95% of homes that use the loungeroom as the primary viewing area a more affordable option must be on the cards.

But if you go down to just a soundbar, you get an amazing improvement over the standard TV speakers while compromising the joy of surround sound.

What the Samsung K950 offers is a bit of everything.  The soundbar has speakers pointing every which way –  combined with wireless rears and a subwoofer offering a stunning audible illusion of complete surround sound – including above you.

Carefully angled and positioned speakers project the sound to reflect off your walls and ceiling and when you have a full 4K Dolby Atmos enabled Blu Ray player and title – it’s oh so rewarding.


So yes, expensive, but also quite cheap.  In terms of bang for your buck it’s a standout and when configured correctly will blow your mind.  With that, we award the Samsung K950 Dolby Atmos Soundbar the EFTM Best Home Theatre award for 2016.


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