Last year the Breville Oracle brought cafe coffee to your kitchen, so matching that in 2016 was going to be hard.  But don’t worry – we found something.  Regular EFTM readers would know the childish like excitement we had with the Whirlpool Crisp ‘n Grill, no surprise then that it’s our pick for 2016.

How can we not give the EFTM Best Kitchen Gadget award to the microwave that can deliver oven-like cooking to a frozen meat pie?  Come on.  Nothing more to say.


As it happens, you can also fry and egg in it.  Seriously.  I did it on Live TV!


Regardless, this thing is powerful, and would be a great replacement for any traditional microwave given its additional convection like capabilities.


The Whirlpool Crisp ‘n Grill is the EFTM Best Kitchen Gadget 2016