EFTM Best Wearable 2016: Apple Watch Series 2

We don’t keep great records here at EFTM, but from the looks of a quick google search the Apple Watch could be the first product to win a category in back-to-back years, winning the 2015 and 16 Best Wearable.

The reason is simple, there’s no challenger.  Sure there are fitbits and Garmin’s doing great things for fitness and notifications, and sure there are smart watches out there, the new Moto 360 is excellent.  But something about the Apple Watch is miles ahead.



Build quality, accessories, the ecosystem – there’s just so much going for it, and in 2016 the Apple Watch Series 2 takes it to new levels with better speed, working hand-in-hand with Watch OS3 plus it is now water-resistant.

Again, as we said last year, plenty bag it, but sales are good – very good.  I reckon for every one “other” smartwatch I’ve seen in the real world I’ve seen 10 maybe 20 Apple Watches.  Simple as that.



They took something good and made it great.  Apple Watch Series 2, EFTM’s Best Wearable for 2016.

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