As we’re getting into the month formerly known as November some of you have or are starting to shape your whispy moustache. Some people will have an idea of the style they want already but for others there is still time to be creative. Jules Tognini is Men’s Hairdresser of the Year and the Philips Shaving & Grooming Ambassador, he’s got ten tips you might want to pay attention to.

Top Tips On How to Best Style Your Mo this Movember

1. If you’re a first time moustache-wearer, it’s important to determine the perfect style for your facial shape and start shaping your mo from day one.

2. Moustaches can add volume to your face. So if you have a thin lip line, grow a larger moustache as it will create the appearance of a stronger upper lip. If you have thick lips, try growing a much smaller, understated moustache.

3. If you have smaller facial features, I suggest a moustache that’s thinner and closely trimmed in order to give you a slicker look.

4. If you have softer facial features, try sharpening your look with an edgy moustache with clear lines.

5. If you have a long thin face, a wide moustache is best as it draws attention away from the lower part of your face.

6. If you have a squarer face, try complementing the shape with a square-shaped moustache to enhance chiseled features.

7. While, a rounder face has few angles, full cheeks make it equal in width and length, this face shape is better suited toward a thinner squarer-shaped moustache.

8. Close shaving the rest of your face makes your moustache look thicker and more prominent.

9. A comb, beard oil and a good set of trimmers are must haves to keep your facial hair well-groomed throughout Movember.

10. My grooming product of choice is the Philips Vacuum Beard Trimmer as it has a number of fantastic features that help achieve the perfectly kept Mo’. We’ve tested this product and you can read the review here


Best Celebrity Mustache to Aspire to…

Jules can’t go pass Tom Selleck’s mo. Neither can we…