Wine is wonderful, wine can evolve with age, many wines that have been aged can cost thousands of dollars, generally the flavour is smoother and more refined over time. It’s a delicate process and poor aging can easily just ruin the wine entirely. For the first time ever, we’ve sampled aged coffee.


A bottle of 2014 wine is on racks all over liquor stores, in 2017, a three year vintage is generally a great thing, it’s just old enough to have settled and not entirely delicate to ageing yet. This new range of aged coffee pods from Nespresso are the 2014 vintage.


According to Nespresso the Selection Vintage 2014 was aged using a completely new method pioneered by Nespresso experts who wanted to benefit from the effect of ageing by using specialised and controlled conditions. This included regulating the time, oxygen, moisture in the air, light and atmospheric pressure. A rotation system was also implemented for the bags of harvested coffee to ensure the ideal ageing process.


Ultimately, you end up with a typical row of pods you’re used to however the coffee you end up with is actually a little different to any other blend that they have. It sounds bizarre to even think this however it is true the the coffee is smoother than expected, it’s silky, soft and thick. On the tongue it is like licking a velvet scarf that was soaked in coffee. We enjoyed it as an espresso – no milk.

The Selection Vintage 2014 range is available now for $9.80 per sleeve of 10.