Designed for the hikers, trekkers and backpackers as well as those who love a camping trip and generally the great outdoors, this is a drink bottle that means you don’t have to worry about where you find your next water source.

The BeFree from Katadyn is a soft water bottle which can be rolled or folded up and kept in your bag or even pocket while you walk, and when you come across a water source like a running river, simply remove the top, fill it up and put the top back on again.

Inside the top is a filter which gives you the “freedom to drink anytime” according to Katadyn, and it all happens on the go.

If you’ve ever had one of those water filter equipped bottles in your fridge they require you to fill up, then wait – not in this case. You fill it up and can drink straight away.

I assumed the drink flow would be slow given the filtration – but nope, a solid steady flow more than enough to quickly re-hydrate.

And cleaning the filter is a breeze, simply stir it in the stream or shake an almost full bottle to remove any debris from the filter then refill the bottle for next use.

I’m not sure of the precise filtration qualities, so you’re not going to fill this with contaminated water folks, but a quick drink from a running stream has never been easier with the BeFree from Katadyn.

It’s not a bottle you would carry around with you full – seems awkward to carry because it’s not a rigid structure, but it’s made to be rolled up and stored then filled and used on the spot. Simple and easy.

US value is $39.95, so expect to see it in camping and outdoor stores here for under $100.