” Somebody find me a clicker!” – these words are uttered or yelled by executives before a board-room presentation quite often, because having that wireless remote control “clicker” for your presentation can make you look slick – there’s nothing more awkward than looking for the mouse or reaching to a keyboard for your next slide.

Enter Logitech’s latest and greatest – and it’s a stunner – the Spotlight Presentation Remote.

At $199 it’s a stunning looking unit, but twice the price of that other one you’ve probably seen (also Logitech).

Out with the old – the standard presentation remote you’ve seen

So what do you get, other than glitz and glamour.

The Spotlight is nifty, the three buttons can be customised using an on-screen menu, short press and long press can be different functions to suit your presentation style. But it’s the Spotlight that is the real standout feature.

You’ve seen people with those laser pointers – there are some “clickers” with the pointer built in – the Spotlight goes one further.

Pressing the spotlight key actually puts a grey tint over your presentation and a circular area is “in the spotlight” and then you move your remote around to highlight different areas of your slide.

This – is – awesome.

My only real concern is the requirement to install the Logitech Spotlight software on the presentation computer – as many will know you often turn up to present on someone else’s gear.

It also allows you to set a vibration alert on a timer so you know when your presentation time is almost up!

A cracking great product, stylish in Gold or Slate, available at Officeworks, Harvey Norman and JB HiFi among others.