There’s lots of Facebook rumours going around today about Uber automatically adding a 20% gratuity (tip) to all Uber Taxi rides.  Simply put, it’s not true.

Here’s what you’re seeing doing the rounds:

Word is this automatic tip is added to each TAXI ride (not standard Uber X or others), and that you can’t opt out of it on the app, only by logging into the Uber website.

Login to the Uber website and on the payment page you’ll see the above options.

Problem is, it’s not actually like that.

I checked all my Uber Taxi receipts, no sign of a Gratuity.  And having now confirmed with Uber, there is no option for Gratuity at all, for any Uber – in Australia.

This feature is only available in the USA, and only really in New York as no other city has Uber Taxi.

Even so, it’s not on by default.  You need to click the “Save” button on that page to first enable it.

Worth noting, that in the US Gratuity is a standard thing, so taking away the need to choose or worry about it is a convenience for users.

Bottom line, NO, Uber is NOT adding 20% to your Uber Taxi fare, No you are not automatically tipping an Aussie Uber driver or Uber Taxi driver.

Case closed.