Audi continues its push into the high-tech car space with a demonstration this week at Google’s annual developer conference.

Already renowned for their high-tech “Virtual Cockpit” this concept takes the connected car to a new level.

Currently to access services like Spotify or Google Assistant and to use Google Maps for navigation you need to plug in your smartphone and access Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

Audi Q8 sport concept interior with seamlessly integrated Android infotainment interface.

With Android built into the car, and connectivity available through modern cars (like Audi) having built in SIMs, you won’t need to plug in your smartphone at all.

Spotify streaming, TuneIn radio for radio stations, and a choice of Audi’s own HERE maps or Google Maps, all pre-installed in the car.

Updates would be frequent and not require a visit to the dealer – happening over WiFi, all of which starts to put a company like Audi on a playing field close to that of the innovators like Tesla.

It’s just a concept, but one can imagine it rolling out in as little as 18 months from now.