Australians love their coffees, it’s part of the morning ritual, it’s what switches them on again at 3pm and a walk to the cafe is the new “water-cooler chat”. We’ve moved into a space where we can order our coffee on that walk to the nearby cafe and have it paid for and ready for us when we arrive. The app called Skip has done just that and essentially allows you to skip the queue. People have been using it to the point that we now have data from over 200,000 coffee orders to pull out some insights.

When do we buy?

The people of Canberra get their fix the earliest – 5am to be exact. Western Australia and Queensland are next having their first at 7am. Sydney, Tasmanians and Melbourne are the last, taking their hits at 8am.

We mostly buy during the working week and not as much on the weekends. We think this is a combination of us not needing coffee as much as we’re (hopefully) relaxing but also because we’re more likely to dine-in and not require the app to purchase.

What do we order?

ACT, QLD and WA have the flat-white at the top of the list. Sydney and Adelaide dig the cappuccino while Melbourne and Tassie folk are latte lovers. With that said, one unique coffee appears in Melbourne called “Magic”, we had to research what that is and discovered it is; steamed milk poured over a double ristretto and served in a smaller 160ml cup giving it the optimum coffee to milk ratio. Speaking of trendy coffees, the fancy cold brew that everyone was tweeting and ‘gramming about is in rapid decline suggesting it is no longer “cool”.


Yeah, the data is showing that since December and those New Year resolutions, we’re all adding an extra sugar to our coffee. Coffee is meant to be enjoyed, we don’t blame you.

What do we pay?


VIC: $3.72

NSW: $3.43


VIC: $4.19

NSW: $3.91


VIC: $4.50

NSW: $4.13

Winner: NSW in all sizes. A NSW Large is cheaper than a VIC Medium on average!


The one thing the data hasn’t provided EFTM is time saved by using the Skip app. We use a number of apps each day to make our daily tasks simpler and easier, time saved is worth something, next time round we’ll be hoping to measure that for you. State vs state, who is waiting the least for their morning brew?