When the Australian Tax Office calls, do you know it’s them?  When the local council is on the phone are you ready to take their call about your rates?  An update to the White Pages app will tell you who’s calling when the number isn’t in your phone.

You know the feeling, phone rings, a number shows up but you don’t recognise it at all.

White Pages has the answer – if it’s a Business or Government number.

Basically, its simple : the White Pages app sees the incoming call, checks it’s Business and Government database and displays the business name if it’s known.

I was amazed to find that this works on iPhone as well as Android, simply enable the feature in the PHONE section of your Settings.

No word on how often it will work, but for those who get calls from businesses or Government agencies regularly, could be a life-saver.

Available now in the Google Play or iTunes stores.  Android users may also notice a similar feature via a Google Search Android is able to make – “Caller ID by Google”.