Last month in San Jose Apple announced a new innovation in the upcoming iPhone and iPad operating system iOS 11 – it was called ARKit. This back end development allows the use of Augmented Reality (AR) within third party developed apps.

It is a sign of a big future for AR and Apple knows this is the real next frontier, so much more than Virtual Reality.

After a stunning demonstration on stage at WWDC, Developers got their hands on iOS 11 in Beta, and have been working on ideas for how it could work.

One such developer is Japanese man Kei Wakizuka – he made a very simple portal demonstration. A virtual hole in the real world which you can look into.

Here’s my demonstration of it:

Come on – wow. Imagine an app where these portals are GPS locked – so perhaps a next evolution of Pokemon Go – searching the world for portals and going into virtual worlds to collect things.

The future is huge, this is just a tiny glimpse, but it’s amazing.