Having looked at a lot of different flight controllers when Microsoft Flight Simulator launched on PC last year there’s little doubt in my mind that the best quality gear out there is Honeycomb.

The fit and finish, the feeling when in use, and the realistic design are all reasons to consider Honeycomb over and above many others.

But as a newbie to the market, it’s been a steep learning curve, but they’re about to open themselves up to a whole new massive market – the Console Audience.

With Microsoft Flight Sim now on Xbox and doing well, Honeycomb Aeronautical will be revealing a new range of products at the upcoming Flight Sim Expo.

These new products include the Alpha Flight Controls XPC which work for PC and Xbox Series X and S.

In addition there’s an Xbox Hub for Honeycomb which allows other flight SIM gear to connect via the Alpha XPC controller.

Alpha Flight Controls XPC features a new design on the base, a full 180 degree yoke rotation and new hall effect sensors to prolong the lifespan of the device, and a greater precision when flying.

The new ignition switch is a 5-position spring loaded design, with 13 programmable buttons on the left and right handles.

If you own a Bravo Throttle, or plan to get the new Charlie Rudder Pedals, you will use the Xbox Hub to connect those into your Alpha which is the only device that connects to the Xbox itself.

Interestingly, Honeycomb has also begun a partnership with Logitech, to make the Logitech Rudder Pedals and Flight Throttle Quadrant compatible with the Alpha Flight Controller via the Xbox Hub which is a commendable open concept for those who have existing gear.

Pre-orders will kick off later this year, with the first deliveries to take place in the new year.

USD pricing is $299 for the Alpha and $29.99 for the Xbox Hub. Aussie pricing TBC.